Greetings, My name is Racheal Diehl and
I am a graphic designer and Production Artist.

A brief History of my background.
I attended Crawford County Career and Technical School for Communication design and graduated in 2009, then attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated in 2012 with my Bachelors in Graphic Design.

In 2013 I began working at Highmark, I have worked on several teams with-in the company's Creative Services Department including the special projects team, Tier 3 projects and the Production team, which is where I received training to do production artist work.

In addition to working at Highmark I also do freelance for an array of different clients, from a massage therapy school in Las Vegas, to a bitcoin application, to a Church based Inmate rehabilitation program. I also teach ceramics classes at Little House Big Art and have an active volunteering calendar.

What I am really passionate about is learning. AAA

Right now I'm looking for a Job that will allow me to keep learning and moving forward with the company. I want to be able to engage with those around me in a way that creates an environment of electricity and created outcomes that we can all celebrate.


Highlighted Work

The brand advocate campaign, located under the Illustration tabwas built
in order to educate employees
 about the AHN health system. This Project won Graphic Design USA's Award of Excellence and was one of the largest projects that I worked on towards the end of my job at Highmark.

I really loved working on the brand advocate campaign because it required some out of the box thinking to capture an audience that I myself was a part of. 


The monthly Production Topic training was one of the most beneficial and fulfilling projects that directly impacted our Creative Services Department. Each month a member or small team of members from the production team would put together a training to benefit the rest of the creative group. These included everything from new Creative Cloud updates, file management, process, and interactive PDFs to illustration, photo manipulation, and techniques in various programs.

As an addition to the Production Topics I teamed up with another teammate to put out a Knowledge Nugget each week. these were much smaller bits of knowledge that could help with day to day responsibilities or that could generate new ideas based on program quirks or other random facts.

The templates for the Highmark Walk were a big challenge, over 20 different individual pieces, including books, facebook ads, postcards and signage that were across 4 regions and 7 locations with-in those regions. This project took 2 designers over 80 hours each year to organize, make updates, order prints and make sure everything got to where it needed to go. There were also multiple organizers and event specialists that put in countless hours. 

I took all of the pieces and created templates for each of them, built a spreadsheet of vendors and turnaround times, and created a list addresses with each location with-in each region to insure that we did not send anything to the wrong location. In the following year this project logged less than 5 hours, most of which was spend training a new event coordinator on template usage.